Stella McCartney for Adidas

Allow me to reveal you a truth. I do sports. A quantity of of friends always question the truthfulness of me doing sports because of my stout features. I was genuinely reluctant to exercise half year ago. Simply because I was lazy and I hated to sweat. But ever since I went to see my glycologist for an annual body-check, I was warned to lose some weight. You always need to listen to doctors, right? I followed his order and started to hit the gym at least 4 times a week. Believe me or not, without having diet and solely do the sports, I in fact lost 18 pounds in total in 3-month time. Besides becoming slimmer (but still overweight), I discovered the contentment while sweating. Now, hitting the gym becomes a way to lose myself up. I am quite delight that I am on the right path towards better health and body-shape. 

Recently, I also care a lot about the clothes that I wear to the gym. I know nobody cares of what you are wearing but I am wearing for myself as Coco Chanel said, women dressed up for themselves but not for men. Besides, Sport chic is also a trending now in the fashion industry. Look at the Alexander Wang shows, the golf bag? How stunning is that?! Also there were and there are more and more collaboration between sports brands and high-end designers. Alexander McQueen and Sergio Rossi for Puma, Stella McCartney for Adidas etc. Hey folks, time to sport-ify!


  1. sporty chic is definitely the greatest trend yet! comfort is something I'm never willing to abandon... although hitting the gym might take a little bit more motivation! :P


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