One Week In Paris

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Speaking of the City of Light, I'm sure many of you are not first-timers to visit there. Being the most-visited city on the planet, you have heard enough of this place certainly. Therefore, this is not a travel guide for you (if you need one, you can just go and buy lonely planet, right?). This whole blog post is dedicated to the places I think you have to visit or revisit according to my several experiences of wandering around in Paris. This post took me three whole days to complete. Hope you guys like it.

For museums' lovers:
Let's not be a tourist and stuck in the crowds in the Louvre. I personally prefer to the below museums because I love Claude Monnet. Still touristic but not as packed as Louvre and you can enjoy some quality time there.

1. Orangerie Museum
Definitely one of my favorite places in Paris because I could just sit in front of "Water Lilies" for hours and I did. The museum is well-sectioned and there are plenty of seats. You can always just take your time until the museum is about to close. I felt so relaxing and inspirations were streaming up. Looking for a place to kill time (in a nice way), Orangerie it is. 

2. Orsay Museum
I spent literally a whole hour to queue up but the payoff was nice. Not so much of a fan for the sculptures on the ground floor but crazy for the impressionist paintings on the fifth. Especially, you can view La Seine via the window/clock up there. Such a beautiful place :)

For foodies:
I am not a foodie to be fair. Basically, I eat wherever I go. However, I personally do love to pick a few signature places to try out whenever I go to travel.

1. Angelina
Surprise, surprise. They are opening next month in Hong Kong. Although I knew they have branches in Asia, I didn't expect it would be in my hometown soon. 90% of the time when I go to a Paris café, I order my signature dish - croque madame. Despite the incredibly pricy menu, I do have to admit the amazingness of the food from Angelina. Obviously, you have to try out their "Mont Blanc" as dessert. I did not finish everything because a croque madame plus a lovely mont blanc seems to be a bit too much for my stomach. 

2. Rose Bakery Tea Room
The white tea room is located on the second floor of Le Bon Marché. If you are a mega sweet tooth, you definitely have to try this tea room out! The decor makes the whole area spacious and provide you a relaxing atmosphere while dining. Quite a contrast to the antique decor of Le Bon Marché. 

(photo from hipparis)

3. Cafe Pinson
A cozy restaurant with numerous recommendations from different global magazines like Elle, Grazia etc. No matter you are alone or with friends, this is a great place to catch up and hang out. The cuisine are also organic which fits the current healthy trend huh. 

(photo from hipparis)

4. L'Éclair de Génie
Éclair, one of the most traditional french dessert and also my favorite one. L'Éclair de Génie just brought this type of sweet into a whole different level. A new X old hybrid of éclair. 

5. Frenchie to Go
Fun fact to tell, if I have to choose one food to eat forever in my life, burger is my choice. I always tell my parents that I am so easy to raise because I think junk food are like paradise to me. What's better than chips and burgers??

For shoppers:
I hate crowds if you haven't noticed. Thus, I would try to avoid the major department stores. The three districts that I am introducing you are very pleasant to walk around and I am sure you can find some treasures if you like to explore. 

1. Le Marais
Hunting for vintage or individual brands? Marais is the right place for you. Strolling around the corner or passing by a tiny lane, you can always find a hidden gem. This is a great area to explore and hunt for fashion lovers.

2. Rue Saint Honoré
My fashion church - Colette. How can you miss this place? You can discover all the current hip trends from fashion, beauty, technology to eating in one place. At the same time, don't miss the & other stories store on the same road! Love the simple and chic designs :)

3. Saint Germain
Luxury buyers out there, Saint Germain is made for you. Every big brand has its individual store without the crowds and queues that you are gonna find in the major department stores. Take your time and select the one and only here.

Something Extra:

1. Eiffel Tower
So weird... Eiffel Tower is a love and hate for me. Love the view and hate the queue. However, when I was up there, I do think the wait worths everything. Paris under Haussmann Project.

2. French Pharmacy
How come a pharmacy is so appealing? Because you can get all the French Skincare! I love skincare and I especially appreciate the quality of the French Brands. La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Nuxe, Caudalie... I can just go on and on and on and on.

3. Just walk
Don't be afraid and be brave! Just walk randomly in Paris without using maps and GPS. Like the movie "400 coups", Paris alleys are the place to shelter you and for you to look for. 

Here I present you the map with all the locations that you can refer to :)

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